Built by Visionary Innovators


Our Vision

Built from the vision of combining the technology of benefitRFP with the revolutionary approach of BD Capital Partners LLC we are able to make a bold impact for our clients. We thrive on giving you time to spend on your business or passions by combining the risk management process into a holistic team effort. This ensures you spend more time making visionary choices in your life and business rather than worrying about what may go wrong in your business.


Our Impact

Our clients have shown growth in bottom lines as well as the time they are able to spend with their passions. By working with our holistic team approach there is less need to manage multiple separate broker and consultant relationships for less than optimal results. That means more time for you with a better result.


Our Talent

Nations Choice was built by some of the most extraordinary talent in the industry. We continue to expand our expertise at a rapid pace. If you think you have what it takes, get in contact with us!